Top 10 DIY Dog Projects With Something For Everyone

DIY Dog Projects - tools not required

DIY doesn’t necessarily mean you need to grab your tools!


Ready to get into some of our Top 10 DIY Dog Projects? Let’s face it, we have hands and tools and other things our dog doesn’t have and we can do things our dogs can’t do for themselves, so let’s have a bit of fun and make life a little better for our best friend.

These Top 10 DIY Dog Projects range from simple to complex, so you’re sure to find one that you can take on todayMake sure you read down to the Number 1 project – that one is great for your dog and it’s also good for you!


Number 10 – The DIY Dog Chew Toy

DIY Dog Chew Toy

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You know how the washing machine always eats one sock from a pair? Grab one of those lonely socks and a plastic bottle you were about to put in the trash. Remove the bottle lid and any collar around the neck, insert the bottle into the sock, and tie a good strong knot. Presto! You now have a chew toy that will make a satisfying crackle whenever your dog has a chomp on it.

Wasn’t that one easy?

At DIY Dog Projects, we’re always researching and writing new articles. Click here for more information and ideas about DIY Dog Toys. You’ll also find an easy-to-follow video for making a Rope Chew Toy.


 Number 9 – The DIY Dog Treat

DIY Dog Treats

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Dogs do love a treat, so whip up a batch of these super simple dog cookies.


3 cups of whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon of brown sugar

1 egg

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 beef stock cubes

1/2 cup water


Preheat an over to 400F (200C) and grease cookie sheet on a baking tray.

Crumble the stock cubes into the water – it doesn’t matter if they don’t dissolve fully.

Combine the flour and sugar in a large bowl.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg and then add in the other wet ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Gradually add the wet mixture into the dry, stirring as you go. Add a little more water if needed to get it to a consistency that can be rolled out.

Flatten the dough out to about a quarter inch thickness using a rolling pin.

Use a cookie cutter to make biscuits and line them up on the prepared tray. Why not use a cookie cutter shaped like a bone?

Bake for 15 minutes or until firm. Let them cool down a little before you see how much your dog loves them!

Dog treats need to be used correctly or they can lead to problems. Click through for more great new information and ideas about DIY Dog Treats. Did you know DIY Dog Treats are NOT always food?


Number 8 – The DIY Dog House

DIY Dog House - a Serious Project

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OK, this one is a Serious Project.

Done right, you’ll have a wonderful dog house to keep your dog sheltered from the weather. Done wrong, it can be bad for your dog, perhaps a little dangerous for you, and you might well be the one who ends up in the dog house as a result.

A Serious Project needs expert advice and some solid planning, so Click through to see our 5 Steps Guide to Building a Great Dog House.


Number 7 – The DIY Dog Tag

DIY Dog - Tags!

This project is great for little ones to help with and there are so many options. Dog tags don’t have to be made of metal with punched letters. The simplest one is just to use one of those plastic tags you sometimes get with key rings. Decorate the little cardboard insert with some color, a small drawing, or a little message, and change the insert over as often as you like.

But don’t stop there. Do you have any plastic cards lying around that are blank on one side? Glue two of them front-to-front so the blank sides are exposed for decoration, cut to a different size or shape, and drill a hole for attaching to the collar.

How many other ideas can your household come up with?



Number 6 – The DIY Dog Collar


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While we’re adding a personal touch to our dog’s appearance, why not add in a cute, handmade collar? If you can plait or braid hair, you can do the same with leather strips to make a collar. You can find leather strips at most craft shops – buy three strips with different colors that go together to make your dog’s collar truly original. The store will also have some options for buckling the collar together and a ring from which your new DIY Dog Tag can hang.

Tie the three leather strips together firmly near one end and then clamp or pin the knot onto your work surface.  Then it’s just a matter of traditional braiding – move the left strip into the middle of the other two then move the right strip into the middle and repeat left-right-left-right, tightening as you go. Before you know it you’ll have a length of woven leather ready to go.

Slide on the ring and tie on the buckle ends with strong knots. Massage some clear-setting wood glue into the knots to make sure they won’t work loose. Leave the glue overnight to set properly, then get that collar onto your dog!

Best looking dog in the neighborhood!

Important Note: Not every homemade collar is strong enough for attaching a leash, especially if your dog pulls hard when you take them for a walk. If you have that problem, read How to stop your dog pulling on the leash.


Number 5 – The DIY Dog Bed


That’s not a bed!

You can just put an old blanket on the floor and you have a dog bed, right?  Wrong! Dogs do spend a huge amount of their time sleeping and lying around, so it’s important the dog bed is right for them. It’s so important, our researchers have put together a guide to DIY Dog Beds so you can Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes.


Number 4 – DIY Dog Clothes


image source 

This outfit could be going a bit too far

There are just so many different dog outfits and different size dogs and (let’s face it, different levels of skill when it comes to constructing clothes), that we can’t cover all the options in this Top 10 list.

For now, let’s look at the no-sew approach of re-purposing old clothes. And we mean OLD clothes, because we’re taking the scissors to them.

For a small dog, you can use the arm of a child’s sweater as a dog coat. Cut the arm from the body of the sweater and also cut off the cuff. Cut two slits for your dog’s front legs to go through and that’s it. Try it on. If you didn’t quite line up the slits for the legs properly, there’s always the other sleeve of the sweater!

Depending on size, the cuff might make a cute little doggie choker too.




Number 3 – DIY Dog Shampoo


image source

DIY Dog shampoos can be just as effective as commercial ones, and much less expensive.


But be careful. Using too much or too strong shampoo can be harmful. Click through the Ingredients and Recipe for a DIY Dog Shampoo. Do you know how often you should be washing your dog?


Number 2 – DIY Dog Grooming

Whether your dog is a rugged individual or a pampered pooch, he will need and will generally enjoy a good brush. Brushing is also good for your dog’s health as it removes dead hair. If your dog is shedding a winter coat, brushing will let you control where the majority of the mess is made rather than having it just go everywhere.

You’ll need to buy a brush that’s appropriate for your dog and brush them regularly. Long haired dogs can need it almost daily but with short haired breeds you can get away with as little as once a month. If your dog loves it, you can always brush more often.

And remember, always brush with the grain and not against the grain.

At DIY Dog Projects, we’re always researching and writing new articles. Click through for more great new information and ideas about DIY Dog Grooming. It’s more important than you might think.


Now, are you ready for the Number 1 DIY Dog Project?


Number 1 – DIY Dog Obedience Training


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Why is this the Number One DIY Project for you to do for your dog? Whether your dog barks too much, chews on things or just tries to drag you down the road when you go for a walk, the KEY THING that underpins everything is the relationship between you and your dog. That’s why it’s Do It Yourself – it’s all about you and your dog, no one else can have that relationship for you!

A properly trained dog is calm, well socialised, and an absolute joy to have around. Your dog will respect you and pay keen attention to your every word or gesture.

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