Puppies For Sale

puppies for sale

Puppies For Sale are easy to sell as they sell themselves by their sheer cuteness, cuddliness, and playfulness. That also means they are easy to buy.

And you don’t even need to physically see or touch them for them to pull on your heartstrings and get you romanticising about how wonderful life will be with them.

You might start to think that a puppy will;

  • Give you companionship and comfort.
  • Give you their unconditional love.
  • Look up to you.
  • Teach your children responsibility.
  • Go with you for long walks.
  • Help you meet other people with similar interests.

We’ll show you what we mean by how easy it is to be led into thinking you want to be part of the “I Want a Puppy Now!!” crowd.


Take a Look at These Puppies for Sale


Shall we keep going? Yes, please, give me more Puppies!


puppies for sale

puppies for sale


Should we look at more? Of course, they’re so cute!


puppies for sale


Had enough yet? No, of course not!



O.K. that’s enough for now.

We’re ready to join the “I want a Puppy Now!!” crowd! How about you?


I Want a Puppy Now!!

Q: Now which of those puppies did you outright reject because you knew;

The puppy’s Breed Group?

  • Adult Size?
  • Temperament?
  • Barking Nature?

If the puppy is Hypoallergenic (if you suffer allergies)?

The Exercise needs of the breed. Read How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need for a full appreciation of these needs.

The Maintenance needed for each particular dog.

How the dog will cope with Weather or Climate Constraints

  • Cold Temperature suitability (if you live in cold climate)
  • Heat or Humidity suitability (if you live in a warm or tropical climate)

Your Lifestyle. Do you travel a lot? Where, how and who will take care of your dog when you are away?

Your Living Arrangements including Rules if you live in an apartment? Read our full article on everything you must know about dogs and apartment at Best Apartment Dogs.


A: Back to our earlier question. Did you reject 1 or 5 or none of those cute puppies?


You can see that between checking out puppies for sale and eventually deciding to buy a puppy requires a lot of thought, research and consideration. It certainly doesn’t take much looking though as that’s just all emotion.

However, it requires a lot of money so it’s very much a financial decision. Because even if all the other elements of getting a dog fall into place, you still need to be able to fund not only the buying of the puppy but all the other things that go with dog ownership.

Have you thought of all the different puppy supplies you will need? Take a look at some of these examples from Amazon;


Puppy Playpens and Accessories

Keep your puppy (and your furniture, shoes, etc) safe with a puppy playpen.

Puppy Care

Don’t forget some tearless shampoo, grooming and dental kits, and a little something to clean up properly when accidents happen.

Puppy Teething Toys

Puppies need to chew, so train them to chew the right things from early on.


Costs – One off and Ongoing

Let’s look at the real costs of puppy ownership and break it down. You need to tick off this list with the amount you will need to spend each week, and month and finally on an annual basis.

If you would struggle to find

  • in the range of $4,000-$9,000 in the FIRST year plus
  • $2,500-$6,000 for EVERY year of ownership

then you simply need to face the fact that you cannot afford to buy or keep a puppy or dog without your decision being detrimental to the dog’s health and well-being!

However, all is not lost!


When the Puppies for Sale Are Not For You

You can look at pictures of puppies on the internet as much as you want until you are able to financially afford to bring a dog home. You can use that period of saving for a puppy to learn everything you can about the dog that would be most suited to you, your lifestyle, your living arrangements, your future plans and your finances. Then you will be well prepared for that dog when you finally bring them home.

Think about volunteering at your nearest Rescue centre or Animal Shelter and help to give a puppy or a dog care and comfort without the personal financial burden. This will also help you to familiarise yourself with the daily needs of a puppy and dog.


What Happens When It all Goes Wrong?

Dog ownership is a responsibility that stays with you. It’s not something you ‘try’ without thinking about the life journey as well as the consequences of actions and if things don’t go quite to plan.

When puppies for sale become;

  • costly or
  • too big or
  • hard to train or
  • too hard to control or
  • too much trouble or
  • aggressive or
  • too much work or
  • just insert whatever excuse a puppy owner makes to justify letting the puppy go.

Are you aware of what happens when things don’t go according to plan and a dog or puppy is no longer wanted? For example:

Caged Puppies

Caged “grown up” Puppies

puppies for sale

Homeless “grown up” Puppies

puppies for sale


When the Puppies for Sale are Right For You

When you are ready to make a puppy part of your family then make adoption your first option and find a dog at your local shelter. You will be saving a life as well as supporting the shelter to care for the interim needs of dogs and puppies while they wait for adoption.

After you have researched and settled on a specific breed of dog that will suit you, your lifestyle, your living arrangements, your future plans and your finances check the local shelter first. If they are unable to find what you’re looking for then contact a rescue group for that breed or learn how to find a good dog breeder by visiting the ASPCA’s website.

Responsible breeders never sell puppies to dealers or pet shops or ship a puppy to a buyer without meeting them first. They operate in an open, undisguised manner, allowing and encouraging potential buyers/adopters to visit and tour their homes and meet their breeding dogs.

We urge you to read further on how you should be looking to buy a puppy at “No Pet Store Puppies” presented by ASPCA

No Pet Store Puppies website keeps a database on where you SHOULD buy a puppy.

Importantly, the site also keeps a database on where you SHOULD NOT buy a puppy. Take the time to understand the difference between the two so that you don’t contribute to the horror and problems of “Puppy Mill” puppies.


Puppy Mills and Puppies for Sale

Please don’t perpetuate the problem of puppy mill puppies. Read what this house of horrors means for puppies when you become one of that crowd.

Please do your research first as you’ll be so happy you did when you finally get your most ‘perfect’ puppy.

Look at puppy pictures on the internet as often as you like.

For every puppy picture you ‘love’ spend just a measly 15 minutes researching critical aspects of that dog type.

Commit to one hour of volunteering time at a local rescue centre or animal shelter for every puppy picture you ‘love’. Call them now and get the details of how you can volunteer then be ready to act.

 Be A Responsible Dog Owner!


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