Lost Dog Alert. What Would You Do First?

Lost Dog.

A lost dog is every dog owners nightmare scenario.

The American Humane Association estimates that over 10 million dogs and cats will be lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. And one in three pets will become lost at some point during their life.


So What Is It & What Does It Do?

Lost Dog PetHub Smart Dog ID Tag

  • The PetHub “Smart” ID tag is an aluminum ID tag (black, medium-sized) which links to a free profile at PetHub.com
  • PetHub offers access to a 24×7 “Found Pet Hotline”. This is a toll-free phone number staffed by human beings (not automated) and is provided as part of the FREE Basic Service
  • It stores/displays critical data (unlimited emergency phone numbers, microchip/license/rabies tag #s, medications, insurance, etc.)
  • All information stored is encrypted & safe – you control what is shown and when – 128-bit encryption throughout

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To Learn More About How It Works

Watch this cute video that will show you how the PetHub “Smart” Dog ID tag works for everyone.


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To See How It Has Worked

Watch this video if you want to see how the PetHub “Smart” Dog ID tag actually reunited dog owners with their dogs and all within such a short time.


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What To Do If You Discover Your Dog Is Missing

  1. Search your home first to ensure that your dog isn’t hiding or just trapped in a room. Be sure to check any unusual places. Ask family and friends to help you search.
  2. Tell the neighbours that your dog is missing and leave them your phone number. They could help you look for it or just keep an eye out. Make sure you take a recent photo to show them (thanks goodness for cell phones and our obsession with taking photo’s on them).
  3. Walk around the neighbourhood and call your dog’s name. If your dog is lost, first look in the areas where you usually go for walks and also any other places you have recently visited like parks, friends and stores.
  4. Contact your nearest animal shelters, rescue homes and vets. If your dog is not micro chipped or wearing a smart ID tag, visit all these personally. And on more than one occasion. Because descriptions may not match. For instance your brown may be someone else’s tan.
  5. Create a ‘Lost Dog’ flyer and distribute it to houses and stores in your immediate vicinity. You should include a recent photo, your dog’s name and what it answers to, a detailed description including any scars or specific physical attributes, when and where your dog went missing, your name and contact number, and mention a reward (if applicable).
  6. If your dog is micro chipped and the details are not current or you can’t remember if they are, then contact the microchip agency and update your details immediately.

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