Dogs and Babies: Life’s Cutest Moments

dogs and babies


Will Your Dog Survive With a New Baby in the House?

There’s a lot of excitement associated with bringing your new baby home.  For you and the other humans in the house at least.

But what does your dog think about this unexpected new small, noisy and probably smelly human entering their territory?

Let’s take a look at it from your dog’s perspective so that we can think ahead and make sure everyone in the house is prepared for the moment that your dog meets baby.

The first consideration is that dogs and babies should not be left alone together in a room. Never leave dogs and babies unsupervised.


Who is the Pack Leader in your Household? Hint: It Must Not be Your Dog.

Establishing who is the pack leader in the household is essential for ensuring the safety of your dog and your baby. This is because it is the single most powerful thing that will allow your dog to relax knowing that the important job of making all the decisions is not up to him. Dealing with a calm dog is always so much easier. When you bring home a new baby you are going to show your dog exactly how you want them to behave. This will be an anxious time if your dog thinks that they are in charge.

Fortunately there is a period of time to get ready for the baby allowing you to train your dog. Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer will teach you the 5 Golden Rules to becoming the Pack leader ensuring your dog and your baby will be safe together.



I’m Tired and Happy. Who is This?

Before you actually let your dog meet your new baby there are a few things its best to do. One is to take your dog out for a long run or engage in any high level of activity. The last thing you want is a dog bouncing off the walls with too much energy when they are being introduced to your new born. A tired, well-exercised dog is nearly always a happier, easier dog to control.


Dog Exercise Accessories

Whether its chasing, pulling, throwing, running, or playing fetch your dog is sure to have some fun! And you’ll know you are contributing to the long term health benefits of your dog by providing physical and mental stimulation with these great affordable exercise accessories.

Dog Jumps and Agility

So for the more active dog (and dog owners), how about really getting into that workout. Your dog is going to love any of these that will put their mental and physical stamina to the test.

High Tech Dog Exercise

Add gadgets and gizmos to your dog’s exercise time with this high tech gear designed for dogs. We’re not sure who will have more fun with these tech gadgets – your dog or you as a spectator!


Why Do I Need to Be on a Leash?

The second thing to consider is keeping your dog on a lead if you have any reservations about how they may react. You will need to be sure your dog is calm enough prior to meeting the new baby especially if he is a jumping or curious and excitable. Only let them closer as they learn to calm down. Have two people present so that one of you keep hold of your dog and the other one can hold the baby. If that’s not possible then place your baby in a cot or bed.

Eventually it’s good if your dog is able to sniff the baby, however, only if your dog is calm and relaxed, which may take some time.

Dog Leads

One of these should fit your needs. Remember there’s a dog leash to avoid!


What’s With All the Changes?

Clearly the arrival of a new baby can put the entire routine of the house into disarray.

Meal times and exercise times change for everyone as baby takes priority.

There may be more visitors coming and going than usual.

There will definitely be an increase in noise!

And there will be some tired, and possibly grumpy, humans who don’t behave in their usual mild mannered way. The humans may be too tired for the usual exercise.

Your dog can handle all of these events if he’s not in charge.  As the pack leader you make all the decisions and that’s fine by your dog.



When Do We Exercise?

dogs and babies

Being able to walk your dog and your baby at the same time can help everyone to rest better afterwards. First though you need to be able to walk your dog on the leash safely. Once that’s been accomplished then you can get them used to the buggy or pram  This is something that you can practice with your dog before the baby is actually home. Only put your baby into the pram when you are happy that your dog can walk nicely next to it.

Dog Leads

One of these should fit your needs. Remember there’s a dog leash to avoid!



dogs and babies

Silent and calm is how you should be when doing the introduction. When you are relaxed your dog will also calm down and be relaxed. This is not a time for getting all excited. Be quiet and gentle and your dog will follow your lead. The more that your dog learns that you are always calm around the baby the more that they will associate the baby with calming down (and visa versa).

A Blanket to Smell

dogs and babies

Get your dog to “know” your  baby by giving them a blanket or a piece of clothing that bubs has already worn. This way they can get learn the scent of your new baby from a distance. Get more information here on dogs and kids.




Training Is Always the Answer

Bringing home a new baby is one of the most wonderful, happy, and emotional moments of your life.  You want to fully experience and enjoy time with your baby so don’t let your dog become an additional problem.

Start training your dog early so you can all enjoy the moment that your dog meets baby.

Never leave dogs and babies alone together. Always supervise if they are in the same room.

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