Dog Whistle Essentials – What You Need to Know

Do you need a dog whistle? What’s the best dog whistle for you and your dog? The answers are not quite as simple as you think.

Dog Whistle

A silent dog whistle isn’t really silent…


Let’s start with the first question first.

Do You Need a Dog Whistle?

The key feature of any dog whistle is that the sound carries further and more clearly than your voice. You can communicate with your dog at a distance and when out of sight.

Hunters and herders use whistles to communicate with their working dogs, but if you enjoy any ranging, outdoor, off-leash activities with your dog, a whistle may be just what you need.

Even if you aren’t working with sheep…


Or you may just have a quiet voice and you need something louder so you don’t have to strain your throat.


Dog Whistle Training

One poorly understood use for dog whistles is to help you restart training that has gone wrong. Whistles don’t replace training, but they can be an aid to training. They are good for getting your dog’s attention.

A dog whistle gets a dog's attention

I hear you!


If you (like many of us) have made some mistakes with your dog’s training, your dog may tend to ignore you when it suits them. Introducing a whistle can help you reset and restart your dog’s training, but be careful. Don’t do that until you have educated yourself on how to train your dog properly, otherwise it can be a missed opportunity.

For that education, we recommend Doggy Dan. His methods let you gently cure any relationship problems you have with your dog (which is probably why your dog ignores you occasionally) and that relationship is the foundation for any successful dog training.



So, What’s the Best Dog Whistle for You?

If you want a whistle, your first choice is between ‘silent’ and ‘normal’.

Silent whistles aren’t really silent. They just emit a sound that is higher in pitch than most humans can hear, but still low enough to be heard by dogs. All good silent whistles are adjustable, which is important because not all dogs can hear in exactly the same range. Generally, smaller dog breeds can hear higher pitched noises than their larger cousins.

So why would you need a silent dog whistle?

We know of two good reasons:

  • To be kind to your own hearing if you intend to be whistling a lot
  • To avoid annoying other people

Otherwise, a ‘normal’ whistle will do the trick.

Whistle’s are relatively inexpensive, so it makes sense to only buy a good quality one that is durable and importantly that will keep a consistent tone. For best results you should always use the same whistle with your dog, so the whistle needs to last. You should also be consistent with pitch adjustment – once you’ve found a good pitch, don’t change it.

Our recommendations are shown below.

By the way, you should ignore any manufacturer’s claims that whistles are ‘stop barking‘ devices. Whistles get attention, or can even hurt your dog’s ears if blown loud and close (nasty), but they don’t control barking. We’ve selected these options only for their whistling quality and durability, nothing else.

Click here for how to deal with problem barking.



One More: A Whistle for When Your Dog Doesn’t Respond

There’s one more whistle you need to know about and that’s the Whistle 3 Pet Tracker.

Imagine you are outdoors and your dog is out of sight and you blow your dog whistle but your dog doesn’t come. What do you do?

The Whistle 3 Pet Tracker, rated by NYTimes as “The Best Pet Tech” (March 29, 2017) saves the day. You can glance at your mobile phone and immediately see on a map exactly where your dog is hiding.

There’s a whole lot more to it. Click on the Whistle 3 image to find out. This might just be the best dog whistle for you.


And that’s basically all you need to know about dog whistles. Don’t forget to get your education from Doggy Dan below so you can use your new whistle wisely.


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