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A Dog Stroller is more than a convenience or the latest must-have accessory for dog lovers. There are some excellent reasons to consider a dog stroller for your dog. A lazy dog (or dog owner) or a dog that misbehaves on a leash are not reasons; they’re simply excuses.


What Is A Dog Stroller?

Dog strollers are conceptually similar to a child’s stroller – but a dog stroller is made specifically for a dog’s safety and comfort needs. You wouldn’t put your child in a dog stroller so why put your dog in a child stroller?


Dog stroller


Dog stroller has become the generic term for all types of dog transportation options including a dog wagon, dog trailer and bike trailer. Strollers can be made for hand pushing like a buggy or attached to bikes and towed. The important point is that a dog stroller should only be used for the purpose it was designed and intended for.

Take a look at the variations of dog strollers currently available;


Dog Strollers

Whether you need to get from home to the vet or store or if you’re just out for a stroll, these are a great way for your dog to comfortably and safely stay by your side!

Dog Wagons

For the more active dog owner, whether its a jog or run or just some unsteady terrain there’s no need to exclude your dog from joining you again with these dog wagons!




When a Dog Stroller Makes Perfect Sense

Dog strollers, in all their forms, make perfect sense when used to protect your dog and to give your dog engagement with the outside world where some impediment would make it otherwise impossible. The impediment could be either your dog’s or your own.

A Dog stroller makes it convenient and easier to take your dog to places. For instance a café, a picnic in the park, to the store or vet or to the dog groomer.

Any tool or equipment that you can use to help your dog to be better off, living a fuller and happier life engaging with the world is something that you should invest in.


Mobility Impairment

dog stroller

A dog recovering from an injury or surgery need not stay cooped up inside when you have a dog stroller.

Elderly dogs that begin to lose their ability to walk would benefit greatly from the use of dog stroller so they can stay engaged with the outside world.

Other candidates are dog’s whose mobility may be impaired by arthritis (dogs don’t have to be elderly to have arthritis!).

Dog stroller

The mobility impairment of a dog owner. Using a dog stroller as a walking support can be an excellent idea where the twin tasks of walking yourself and your dog are difficult.


Small Dogs

It’s clear that a dog stroller is a perfect option for a small dog when he may not be able to go the distance. Those little legs can’t go as far nor as fast as you, so your small dog can rest up a bit in the dog stroller if you will be out for a while. And carrying even a small dog for any length of time can be tiring.

A dog stroller also provides a barrier and protection for your small dog from other dogs and people’s feet on sidewalks.


Environmental Hazards

A dog stroller makes it simpler to protecting your dog’s paws from hot cement sidewalks when it’s hot and from snow, ice, slush and salt on the roads and sidewalks when it’s cold.

Some dogs aren’t able to safely withstand the heat of the day, such as pugs and bulldogs, so they can be kept in the shade with a dog stroller. Even if it’s just for the journey you take to go to and from the park it’s a great idea.

In warmer weather its far better to run errands with your dog safe in his dog stroller than it is to take the car and then leave your dog inside it.



Other Reasons

You don’t have to modify your exercise regime if your dog has trouble keeping up with you when you go jogging or bike riding. Dog strollers that are made for jogging or as a trailer for a bike will allow your dog to be with you even if they can’t run the distances you want to travel.

Where you may have more than one dog with mismatched activity levels (for whatever reason). You can still exercise the active dog with the other dog participating in the activity.

A dog stroller can provide a safe, familiar place for your dog to rest. It can also allow your dog to participate in, or be present during, activities in climates or terrains from which he was previously excluded.

Some dog strollers can serve multiple purposes due to their clever design. For instance a dog carrier that is contained within a dog stroller framework and can be removed to be used as a crate in a car or even within the home. Want to learn more about crates for dogs?

If you have a new puppy or a dog that is secure in a dog crate but a bit scared of venturing out then a dog stroller can serve that purpose for you both. This way, you can still include your dog in your life, just in a more convenient way for the both of you.


Dog Strollers, Dog Wagons, & Dog Bike Trailers

With so many styles and sizes, you’ll never have to leave your dog at home again!


When The Use Of A Dog Stroller Is A Cop-Out

Some dogs don’t behave well on a leash.  This is not a good reason for a dog stroller; it’s the ideal reason to train your dog to walk on a leash. Every dog needs some exercise and walking is beneficial as it satisfies a dog’s innate inquisitive nature. If you need to train your dog to walk on a leash or if you’re struggling to be in control, then our #1 Most Recommended Dog Behavior Expert – Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer – will show you how.



Important Considerations For Choosing a Dog Stroller



Your dog’s dimensions need to be considered to ensure a comfortable ride.

Do you need a dog stroller just for a puppy now or for the longer term when your puppy is older and possibly much larger?

How many dogs do you anticipate needing to fit into it now? In the future?



Lifestyle. How will your dog stroller fit into your everyday life? Will your dog join you in the dog stroller on shopping trips, or hiking trails, or bike paths, maybe the dog park, or just to and from destinations?



Think about the terrain on which you intend to use the dog stroller. Are you going to be using it predominantly in urban areas, in parks, on trails or all of these at some time? What is the surface going to be in those areas – concrete, dirt, grass, or sand? Will that surface change when it snows and turn to slush or ice?

Also consider the terrain and if you will be strolling on uneven surfaces, consider a stroller with larger tires and shock absorbers.

How many wheels are there? Is it easy to manoeuvre around corners? How tough are the tires?

Does the dog stroller need additional space for a storage rack or a basket if you will be bringing supplies including treats for your dog or you will be carrying shopping?

If you will be using the dog stroller in hot weather, will it need a sun guard to protect your dog or a mesh screen to keep out bugs?

Alternatively if you are in wetter climes do you need a weather shield? Is the stroller waterproof or weather resistant?

What about if it’s windy or you’re travelling at a faster pace? Does your dog need a dust shield for his eyes?


Dog Wagons

For the more active dog owner, whether its a jog or run or just some unsteady terrain there’s no need to exclude your dog from joining you again with these dog wagons!



Make sure your dog stroller meets or exceeds ASTM international standards for design, manufacture and safety.

Is the internal floor of the dog stroller stable and anti slip?



Nobody wants to spend time cleaning something fussy. Check out the maintenance requirements of your dog stroller of choice. What is the internal floor of the dog stroller and how will you need to clean it? Is it totally washable?



How heavy is the dog stroller? How will that impact on you in the longer term?

Does the dog stroller fit easily through (standard) doors?

How manoeuvrable is the dog stroller? How many wheels does it have and how do they handle tight corners?

If your dog stroller is for a larger dog or a dog with leg or hip problems, does the stroller of your choice provide a lower entry level for easy access? You certainly won’t want to be lifting your injured or sore dog – for both your sakes.

Will your dog stroller need to be folded up when not in use in your home? Does it fold and unfold quickly and safely?

Is there a warranty included? Is that for the entire stroller including wheels?



Will you need the dog stroller to be:

  • Converted to a bike trailer? How much is the optional kit for that?
  • Used as a crate at home?
  • Used as a crate in the car?

If yes to any of the above then is the dog stroller capable of meeting these requirements? And what is the difficulty level?


So you want to use the stroller for more than one purpose. How well does it convert?

Hand push (buggy style) to bike trailer – how easily can you convert it? And how long does it take to convert back? Does it need two people?


Dog stroller and dog carrier? Does the frame fold up easily? Will the carrier have a comfortable strap for you to carry your dog? Will the carrier fit under an airline seat if you intend to travel? Does the carrier provide for securing to a car seat belt if you intend to use it for car travel?

Does the dog stroller have lots of flexible openings so you can adjust to the weather and environment? Sun-roof? Weather shields? Zips?



Is there a headrest cushion on the edge of front opening for your dog to rest on?

Test the suspension of the bike by going over rough terrain. Grab a package of similar weight to your dog and see if it bounces around or stays in place.

What is the Returns Policy?

What are the shipping costs? Dog strollers are not like clothes or books as they can be quite bulky.



When You And Your Dog Are Ready For A Stroller

Now that you’ve decided you and your dog need a dog stroller and you have your list of requirements at the ready, then click onto the PetStrollerWorld link below and check out their considerable range of dog strollers.


Why We Like PetStrollerWorld

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They will refund the difference if you do find a better price with the same delivery service levels within 30 days of order.

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Pay the Price or “Make An Offer”

We also like the “Make an offer” option. It’s easy so why not try it? You simply give PetStrollerWorld the price you are willing to pay and they will accept, reject or counter the offer. There are no obligations to purchase at all.


When you join the PetStrollerWorld Rewards program you will get 200 points (worth $2.00) that you can either spend in the shop or save up for a later purchase.


In most cases it will be free shipping as PetStollerWorld offer FREE contiguous shipping for orders over $49.



Training is Always the Answer

At DIY Dog Projects, we think that teaching your dog good behavior is the most important and most rewarding project you can do for and with your dog. We hope this article has helped you to decide whether a dog stroller may be right for your and your dog. If you need more help, if you’re struggling to be in control, click on the Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer link below and let him be your guide.

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