Why Does Dog Grooming Near Me Cost So Much?

Dog Grooming Near Me. That’s what I searched for when I needed to find a dog groomer but I quickly found out that not all ‘dog grooming near me’ met the needs of my dog or myself.


What Needs?

Well, to begin with, the location – dog grooming near me – is about my convenience and bears no relationship to:

  • the services I needed for my dog
  • what was offered by the grooming salon,
  • the prices charged,
  • the cleanliness and sanitation considerations of the grooming salon, or
  • how my dog would enjoy the experience!

I soon learned I was going about it the wrong way and that I should have started with a clear understanding of what my dog needed in terms of dog grooming. Whether that was dog grooming near me or dog grooming on the other side of town was quite irrelevant (especially if I could have the service in the comfort of my own home or the grooming salon offered pick up and drop off!)

Dog Grooming Near Me – What to Know

Part I: General Service

Firstly you should have a good understanding of what the service provider – the grooming salon – can provide and at what cost. Call the groomer and ask the following questions and you will very quickly be able to assess if this groomer can meet your dog’s needs without blowing your budget. There may seem to be a lot of questions, but they are important for the good of your dog.


What specific service/s are included and what is additional (or a la carte) that you may want or need for your dog?

Can the service/s be provided in the comfort of your own home? This may be less inconvenient for you especially if you are immobile or are caring for others.

Can the service be provided in your yard in the provider’s own equipped mobile service?

Does the salon provide a pick up and/or drop off service, and what additional charges are these?

What is the maximum time you can leave your dog at the salon? Can your dog stay at the groomers all day until you have finished work?


Are there Package Deals available where a number of services are wrapped up into one deal?

Is there a Special Deal Offer (like a Happy Hour) on particular days or times where your dog gets the same service but you can save money?

Does the groomer provide a Loyalty Program?

Is there a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied?


Are the groomers trained to be able to identify problems or potential problems with skin, teeth, coat and general well-being and offer advice on how to combat such issues?

Is the groomer involved in the wider community supporting rescue dogs or dog adoption centres (if this is important for you)?


Importantly, always check first that the dog grooming salon is able accommodate your particular dog, especially if your dog is very large or injured or unwell or skittish in any way.


Have You Thought about Grooming Your Dog Yourself?

There may be some tasks you are able to perform on a regular basis, reducing the need for professional grooming services to maybe every 3 or 6 months. This will depend on your dog’s breed and other criteria – read more at DIY Dog Grooming.

DIY Dog Shampoo shows you how simple it is to make your own dog shampoo, saving you money while causing no harm to your dog.


Dog Brushes

DIY Dog Baths & Showers

Dog Shampoo

Dog Grooming Equipment

DIY Dog Nail Grooming


Part II: Additional Services

dog grooming near me

Check if the grooming salon offers additional treatments (at additional charges) which you may prefer to be completed while your dog is already being groomed. Additional treatments or services may include;

Matted coat and/or undercoat removal

Hair Clipping

Hair Shaving (depending on breed)

Ear Cleaning

Nail Clipping

Hygiene/Sanitary Clean (e.g. anal gland expression)

Brushing your dog’s teeth thoroughly (with dog appropriate toothpaste)

Flea, Tick and/or worming treatment – ask if the application needs to be provided by yourself or if the groomer has their own?

Eyes cleaned with tear stain remover to help remove the staining around the eyes

Skin treatment for dogs with problem skin

Coat treatment for dogs with dry and damaged coats

Pad conditioning treatment with paw balm for dry/chafed paws


When you are comfortable that you understand the services that are being offered and how much they will cost you are ready to move onto Part III of your research.


Part III: The Grooming Salon Credentials

dog grooming near me

Once you have searched for the Best Dog Groomers in <your city> then, for peace of mind, take a few minutes just to confirm the following:

How long has the grooming business been operational? What is their reputation?

Is the groomer accredited to operate in the City or State?

What specific training do each of the groomers undertake?

What is the experience level of the groomer your dog will be assigned?


It’s like a background check on anyone that you would leave your dog, child, or other precious person with – you’ll only need to do it once hopefully so why not spend the extra 5 minutes?


DIY Dog Grooming and DIY Dog Shampoo

Some of the tasks your dog needs on a regular basis can easily be performed at home. This would reduce the need for professional grooming services to maybe every 3 or 6 months. This will depend on your dog’s breed and other criteria and you can read more at DIY Dog Grooming.


We have detailed information all about dog shampoo, including how often you should shampoo your dog, at DIY Dog Shampoo where you can learn how to make your own dog shampoo that can be far more economic for your and also healthier for your dog.


Dog Grooming Must Be Routine and Regular

Did you know that the absence of a routine and regular dog grooming regime can be causing your dog discomfort and even pain? Read more at DIY Dog Grooming.

dog grooming near me

By ensuring that you tend to your dog’s grooming in a routine manner and on a regular basis you can help to optimise your dog’s physical and mental well being.

Avoid These Issues With Regular Grooming

A variety of skin issues, and some discomfort, is caused by long hair. Hair hanging over your dog’s eyes can restrict vision altering the dog’s capabilities and in some cases, behavior. Your dog will suffer from matting and the extra weight that comes with it, if long hair is not brushed regularly.

Irregular brushing can lead to double coating (extra coating) causing your dog to suffer from heat stress. This leads to pain and discomfort. It’s not just unsightly, but cruel to the dog.

Matting of dog hair can not only be painful but it can cause many skin conditions. Severe matting restricts blood flow, pulling tightly on a dog’s skin and making a simple pat painful. In some cases, matting can be so severe that it restricts body movement leading to deformity.

Overgrown nails can grow into your dog’s paw pads and cause infection. Long nails can also cause a dog’s toes to bend and create a walking disfigurement. As you can imagine, both of these can be very painful for the dog.

Hands-on grooming is the only way to easily detect grass seeds which, if undetected, can lead to severe infections. According to our vet, it is possible for a dog to lose an eye from an undetected grass seed.

Fleas, ticks and mites thrive on dirty and untreated bodies.

Untreated dental disease can cause organ damage to your dog’s liver, kidneys and heart.


And Finally – A Conversation Please

dog grooming near me

Always call and have a conversation with the grooming salon beforehand.

This is your precious dog that you will be entrusting to a stranger. You should feel free to ask all the above questions and any others you feel you need to. The objective is to ensure you are comfortable that your dog will be cared for in your (brief) absence.

You wouldn’t leave your child with a stranger, so please just spend 5 or so minutes confirming that your dog will be safe and you will both receive precisely what you are expecting to pay for.

And remember; ‘Dog grooming near me’ is irrelevant. Understanding what your dog needs and who will meet those needs at the price you are prepared to pay, is the key to keeping your dog in good health. And you stress-free!

When looking for a DIY option to dog grooming, go to our recent detailed articles at DIY Dog Grooming and DIY Dog Shampoo where we show you just how easy and economical it can be to at least brush and wash your dog on a regular basis.


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