Mastering The Use of DIY Dog Treats

diy dog treats

DIY Dog Treats – Helping or Hurting?

Are You Giving DIY Dog Treats Too Often?

During dog training and puppy training your dog needs to learn when he’s doing well and is on the right track so DIY Dog treats are a great tool for communicating this. Food is a tool. Dog treats are an incentive.

Your dog does not need to be rewarded with a dog treat each and every time a command or trick or task is completed correctly.

You start with food because it has value to your dog. Food is a powerful means of communicating the initial message. As the process evolves and your dog learns good behavior, the frequency of food rewards should be reduced. Fade the treats out gradually as your dog learns to respond to you and your commands. This is what should become centre stage in your dog’s mind and not the treats.

The aim is to give your dog random rewards. Don’t completely cut out dog treats as a dog treat is important to keep your dog’s interest alive.

You might begin by dropping down to every other time your dog does the right thing. Then after another week or so down to once every 5 or 6 times. The aim within a few months is to be only giving a dog treat only once every twenty times. Now all dogs don’t learn at the same pace so you need to use your judgement as to how well your dog’s behavior training is coming along.



The # 1 Reason To Give Your Dog DIY Dog Treats

Undoubtedly, the Number 1 Reason you should be giving your dog DIY Dog treats is Dog Training.

DIY Dog treats should be used for the following;

  • So that you reinforce what you want your dog to do. An example of this is training your dog to use a dog crate. Read all about Crates for Dogs and Dog Crate Training.
  • To stop some behavior by using DIY Dog treats as a distraction to move your dog away from something so that you will break that habit.
  • Puppy Training.

To explain the use and role of Dog Treats watch this video from Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

Ready to take control of your dog’s behaviour NOW?



What Are DIY Dog Treats?

Dogs are very different from humans in what they consider a treat. Generally, dogs respond to all forms of praise. In fact, the definition of a “treat” is anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment.

diy dog treats

A treat for your dog can include giving praise which you should give in an uplifting, happy and excited voice. Other forms of treats include giving a hug or cuddle, spending extra time playing games together, going to the park for a run, having a swim, as well as anything else that affords your dog particular pleasure or enjoyment.

Over time, you need to understand how to show your dog that rewards are random and don’t always come in the same form.

Importantly, DIY Dog treats that come in the form of food should be regarded as being part of your dog’s daily food ration and not an addition to it.  Make sure you are reducing the quantity of your dog’s main meals to prevent overeating and to maintain good health.


Dog Treats – Yum Yum!

To keep your dog on the right track with ongoing training make sure you’ve always got some treats on hand!


When You Should Not Use Food as a Treat

A food treat should not be used to stop bad behavior.

Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer explains that where a dog links bad behavior to a treat, the bad behavior is unlikely to stop.

Lets take an example. Your dog is jumping up and down and you give him a food treat with the aim to make him stop jumping. Now your dog may just work out the link between jumping and treats. Dogs are smart therefore jumping (bad behavior) = treat (a reward). Your dog has now worked out that bad behavior leads to a food treat and so if he keeps jumping the treats will just keep coming.

It makes sense, and that is why Doggy Dan advises that you should not use a food treat to stop bad behavior.


Why DIY Dog Treats?

Food treats that you will use in your ongoing dog training program are a perfect DIY dog project as the benefits for your dog are worth the small amount of effort.

When you make DIY Dog treats you will know precisely every ingredient that goes into them so you can avoid harmful foods, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors often found in off-the-shelf treats. And not only will you be saving money but importantly you are providing your dog with a safe, nutritious and health-giving dog treats.

We have included a fantastic, easy-to-read “Treat vs Poison” chart by vet-medic so that you can quickly understand what you should and should not be feeding your dog. It is true that some dogs will eat pretty much everything so make sure you are the one setting the menu.
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General Rules for DIY Dog Treats

Some general rules when making your DIY Dog treats to ensure your dog is getting nutritious and safe treats.

  • Do your best to include foods that are good for your dog and exclude the foods that can be bad.
  • All the ingredients in your DIY dog treats should be cut into small pieces to boost digestion.
  • To ensure your dog can absorb the nutrients, vegetables should preferably be raw or only lightly steamed.
  • Be aware that hard treats such as bones can damage your dog’s teeth. If you can push your thumbnail into the treat and it leaves a mark it’s probably safe.
  • Take care with providing treats that contain raw meat or raw organ meat as it can lead to food poisoning, and may pose a risk for humans.
  • Include apples, cut into small pieces, as DIY Dog treats. Apples can satisfy a dog’s desire to chew and at the same time they provide health benefits by removing toxins from your dog’s intestinal tract.


We couldn’t resist giving you a laugh from a cheeky little show called “The Checkout”. This is the Australian take on pet food and if you go to 6:56 (6 minutes:56 seconds) in the video, its all about dog treats!


DIY Dog Treats Recipes

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Dog Treats – Yum Yum!

To keep your dog on the right track with ongoing training make sure you’ve always got some treats on hand!


Remember the Number 1 Reason you should be giving your dog DIY Dog Treats is positive reinforcement when training your dog.


Training is Always the Answer

At DIY Dog Projects we think that teaching your dog good behavior is the most important and most rewarding project you can do for, and with, your dog. We hope this article has helped to get you thinking about how, and when, you use dog treats. Click on the Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer link below and let him be your guide.



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