DIY Barking Dog Solutions – Had Enough Yet?

Frustrated with your dog’s barking? You need our DIY Barking Dog Solutions!

You don’t need a barking control collar. You can read what we think about them here: Bark Collars

Dogs always bark for a reason, and once we understand the reason we can fix the problem. So what are the main reasons?

Over-excitement can lead to barking, but most problem barking dog situations come from stress and anxiety.

Let’s look at one particular situation so you can see how it works.

DIY Barking Dog Solutions

DIY Barking Dog Solutions

Problem 1: Barking While You Are Away

This is a very common problem, and you’ll soon see why. Right now, the biggest cause of conflict between neighbors around the world is noise.

  • Are your neighbors annoyed?
  • Feeling Embarrassed by your inability to control your dog’s barking?
  • Frustrated? The problem happens while you are out, so how on earth are you supposed to fix it?

Don’t worry. As we said before, once we understand the reasons for this behavior, we’ll know how to fix it. We’ll know which of our DIY Dog Barking Solutions to apply.





Now a dog left alone at home is unlikely to be over-excited because there’s no one there to wind them up. Your dog is either stressed or anxious, and that’s what’s causing the barking. But what are they stressed or anxious about?

To understand the underlying reasons, we need to dig a bit deeper into how dogs think. Stay with us, it will all make sense.


Dogs by nature are pack animals (not the sort that carry loads, the sort that live and hunt in packs). This fundamental, in-built part of their nature determines the type of relationships they form. Not just with other dogs, but with people.

It dictates how they relate to you. This lies at the heart of the problem, and it’s the key to our DIY Barking Dog Solutions.

Let’s keep digging into this – there’s more to understand.


Who Is The Boss?


You know that every pack has a pack leader. That pack leader is responsible for the well-being of the whole pack, and the other members of the pack follow happily.

You’re probably thinking right now that you are the pack leader for your dog, right? Guess what? That’s not the right question!



Who does YOUR DOG think is the Boss?

Just for now, let’s pretend your dog thinks that he or she is the pack leader. Your dog feels responsible for all the members of their pack, for their safety, for keeping them together, for providing that feeling of comfort and security that they are in charge and taking care of business.  They think that you are one of their pack.

So when you leave the house, when one of your dog’s pack goes missing, and they are blocked by doors or fences from doing anything about it, what happens? Stress? Anxiety?  You bet! And what do stressed, anxious dogs do? They bark. (They also might chew furniture and a bunch of other things too).

Digging dog - DIY Barking Dog Solutions

Dogs can dig or chew as well as bark when they are stressed or anxious.


Let’s try that around the other way, where your dog thinks that you are the pack leader. Now when you leave, it’s OK. After all, the pack leader can do what they want because they are the boss. It’s much less stress for your dog.

Becoming the pack leader takes care of the biggest cause for problem barking, but we’ll get back to the pack leader discussion in a moment. Here are a few other DIY Barking Dog Solutions that can help.

  • Leave a TV or radio on in the house – that can provide a bit of comfort.
  • Make sure they have somewhere sheltered to lie, and that they have plenty of water available.
  • Be calm, quiet and gentle when you leave. Don’t excite your dog just before you go.
  • If you can, give your dog some exercise a little while before you leave. Dogs love to sleep and lay about (see our other articles), so this can settle them before you go. Need dog exercise gear?

Dog Exercise Accessories

Whether its chasing, pulling, throwing, running, or playing fetch your dog is sure to have some fun! And you’ll know you are contributing to the long term health benefits of your dog by providing physical and mental stimulation with these great affordable exercise accessories.

Dog Jumps and Agility

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High Tech Dog Exercise

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Be the Boss

The best of our DIY Barking Dog Solutions is for you to be your dog’s Pack Leader. To be more precise, it’s for your dog to see You as their Pack Leader.

This isn’t a constant thing. Your dog will be testing you in lots of doggy ways all the time to see who’s the boss. And being the boss doesn’t mean being bossy or being aggressive. It’s a simple and gentle process that’s easy to do when you know how. Anyone can do it.

There is more to it than we can easily cover in a few words and pictures here. Besides, leading trainer Doggy Dan has already put it all together in videos for you, AND he has a $1 trial offer right now.  Visit his website here:  Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training.

And check out people who have already solved this problem by following Doggy Dan’s advice.

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  1. Lisa

    Thank you vermy much for this article! Unfortunately, my Happy has also some occassional issues with barking and I never really knew what to do. But now i will definitely try some of your recommended techniques and I hope Happy will become calmer.

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