High Tech Dog Games To Pamper Your Dog

Dog games may have been around since dogs were first domesticated, but today high tech is invading all parts of our lives. It’s no surprise that high tech dog games and dog toys are now on the rise. Not all of them pass our review, but those that have are included here for you.

dog toys - new inventions coming all the time

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This high tech gear can chew up the batteries, so we found this course on Battery Reconditioning that can save you serious cash.

If you’re after low-tech options, we have some ‘Old School’ Games for Dogs and Dog Puzzle Games too.


High Tech Dog Games

Add gadgets and gizmos to your game-playing with this high tech gear.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker


The Best High Tech Dog Games

(Not in any particular order).

The iFetch Too

Of all dog games, fetch was probably the original. It was only a matter of time before some clever dog owner worked out how to save their throwing arm. Not all efforts have been equally successful.

Because we love a bit of DIY, we have to quickly share this video with you. This is not the iFetch Too, but it’s a Gold Star DIY effort! Watch and enjoy!

So, back to the iFetch Too. This high tech dog game wins out over the rivals for a number of reasons, and one super-important difference is that it uses full size tennis balls. Many dog owners don’t realise how easily a small ball can lodge in their dog’s throat. (We have a Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Dog Toys article you might find useful).

The iFetch Too has a rechargeable battery, so you can use it indoors and outdoors. Launch range can be preset to 10, 25, or 40 feet, but we like the random setting to keep the dogs guessing!

You can easily train your dog to feed the balls back into the hopper of the iFetch, so you can be totally hands free. However, we believe you should always supervise the play. Not like the guy in this video…


battery powered dog games

Click the iFetch Image Above

If your dog has more fetch in him than your elbow has throw, or if you just like fun gadgets, this is a perfect dog game for you.

Click on the image to the left to learn more about iFetch Too.






The Petcube Play

This one is the epitome of high tech.


dog games via iphone are here now


This Petcube Play comes with a night vision camera, its own app, cloud storage for recording, remote two-way voice communication and an in-built dog game where you can direct a laser dot using your phone.

On your smart phone, you can watch your dog, talk to them and play with them. This invention has so much going on that we wrote a full review – it’s more than we can fit here.

Click the image above to get your Petcube, or read our full Petcube review.


The Bubbletastic Bubble Popping Dog Game

We hear you out there, saying that a bubble-blowing machine is hardly high tech. Well hold on a minute. These guys have invented bubbles that smell like bacon! And they are non-toxic and tear-free. That must be where the research and development funds have been spent!


The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine itself is pretty much foolproof.

  1. You load in some bacon-bubble liquid into the machine
  2. Point the business end toward your dog
  3. Turn the machine on
  4. Watch and laugh

It’s simple and fun, and well worth a play.

dog games can be simply a stream of bubbles

Click the Bubbletastic image above.


Click on the image to the learn more.









Smart Bowl For Pets

OK, this doesn’t fit the dog games category, but it is superbly high-tech and it does address a big problem. There are far too many overweight dogs running (or more probably walking) around out there. Getting enough exercise is one part of the answer (find out how much exercise a dog needs), but some portion control at the food bowl is the other part.



The Smart Bowl itself is just over 7 * 7 inches, has an inbuilt weighing device and it uses a row of LEDs to show you when the right amount of food has been put down.  It connects using WiFi to an app on your phone. Recharging is via a standard Micro USB (supplied).

Using the app, you input your dog’s age, breed, and activity levels so that it can make the exact calculation on portion size.

It also monitors the bowl during the day and will alert you if something unusual occurs, but we think that feature is mainly for cats. We’re used to a very, very, short time gap between a full bowl and an empty one.

doesn't fit dog games category, but certainly high tech

Click the Smart Bowl image above.


So if your dog is a bit rounder than he or she should be, you should consider this clever little device.

The trick is, it pretty much pays for itself in reduced dog food costs!

Click on the image to the left to get yours.





Chase Sphero 2.0!

You can probably credit Star Wars for making spherical robots popular, but the original Sphero came first. This is essentially a remote controlled ball!

We like the Sphero 2.0 over the original Sphero, because it has more speed and a tougher, much more dog-proof shell. This is a brilliant high tech dog toy as you’ll see in this video (the serious fun starts about 1 minute in when the music changes). Check it out!

You control the Sphero 2.0 with a simple touch of your finger on your smart phone or iPad. Basically, if you can handle Candy Crush, you can drive a Sphero.

You Can Dress It Up


It’s become so popular that new companies have sprung up creating Sphero cases. These fit snugly over the little ball-robot to give it extra traction on sand and in the water. That’s right, Sphero can swim!

Above is one dressed up in a clear case from Hexnub. They have a range of colors for the fashion-conscious.

The Sphero is an awesome high tech dog game that we wholeheartedly recommend.

high tech dog games

Click on Sphero above to get more information.

high tech dog games

Click the picture for more information










GoPro Camera with the Fetch Dog Harness

The GoPro Hero 5 Camera wouldn’t have made our list, but those clever folk invented the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness mounting system! For larger dogs, you can mount your GoPro on either the chest or the back, but with smaller dogs it’s back only.

We won’t talk too much about the GoPro as it’s not strictly a dog game and most people know how wildly successful is it. However, we do see it as a perfect add-on to other games so you can see the world from your dogs point of view.

Then we though how great it would be to use a GoPro and Sphero at the same time. Of course, it’s already been done…

high tech dog games

GoPro Hero 5 – Click the Picture above for More Information


high tech dog games

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness – Click Above for More Information



Exercise Indoors!

When there’s too much rain or snow outside, how do you keep your dog fit? It’s easy with the dogPACER Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill.

We like the dogPACER best of all the dog treadmills for two key reasons. The motor is whisper quiet so you can use it in any room of the house without worrying about noise. Also it’s easy to store away when you don’t need because it’s lightweight and has its patented folding mechanism. (It’s lightweight but not flimsy – the frame comes with a lifetime warranty).

Like all treadmills the controller has a number of preset routines – all that you need for your dog. And every dog does need exercise.

So, if the weather is horrible or if your knees aren’t up to the task, get yourself a dogPacer treadmill and keep your dog fit.

Click on the image above for more information.


Exercise Outdoors!

And never lose track of your dogs with the Garmin Astro GPS T5 bundle!

Click on the image above for more information.

If you and your dogs love ranging around in the outdoors, this is the perfect accessory.

Garmin have always been strong in GPS technology, so the core of this tracking kit is rock-solid. It’s capable of tracking up to 10 dogs with a range of 9 miles – very impressive. This makes for some far ranging dog games indeed!

The handset has multiple modes and tracks every movement your dog makes, optionally displaying on a top-down map.

Click the image above for more information.


Info at Your Fingertips

In its third generation, the Whistle Pet Tracker is really showing product maturity.

But what is it you ask? We like to think of it as a cross between the Fitbark tracker and the Garmin Astro GPS bundle featured above. Or maybe it’s more the urban version of the Garmin?

Whistle 3 clips to your dog’s collar and has GPS and motion tracking. It uses WiFi and a National (USA only at this stage) Cell network to keep you posted of your dog’s whereabouts.

A feature we love is the ability to define multiple ‘Safe Places‘ and have the application alarm you if your dog moves out of that area.

There’s lots more to see. If you’re interested click the Learn More below to visit the Whistle site.


Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

And More

Watch out for updates. We have a number of dog games and related products working through review now and a couple of other interesting ones that are due for release ‘soon’ according to their creators. We’ll announce by social media when we next publish.


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There Are Some High Tech Devices We Will Never Recommend

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