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DIY Barking Dog Solutions

DIY Barking Dog Solutions – Had Enough Yet?

Frustrated with your dog’s barking? You need our DIY Barking Dog Solutions!
Dogs always bark for a reason, and once we understand the reason we can fix the problem. So what are the main reasons?

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How to Solve 7 Common Dog Crate Training Dramas

  Why You Should Persevere with Dog Crate Training Are you struggling with dog crate training your dog? Do you think that crating your dog in a dog crate is cruel? Or akin to putting your dog in a prison?

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Dog training

Doggy Dan Review

Here’s The Method That Is Helping Dog Owners Solve All Dog Behavior Problems Once and For All!     Unfortunately your dog didn’t come with a ‘Manual’. But life’s too short to spend ‘trying’ to find answers on your own!

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How to Build a DIY Dog House (Kennel) The Right Way

Is your dog whining at the back door, wet and cold or hot and panting? If your dog has graduated from a dog crate and crate training, it could be time he had a proper kennel. Dogs have a natural tendency to

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The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds – Truth and Lies

Any measure of the most aggressive dog breeds is misleading. Sure, there are differences between breeds (and we’ll discuss those), but other factors have far greater influence on dog aggression. Do you know the old story of the blind men

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Dog Whistle Essentials – What You Need to Know

Do you need a dog whistle? What’s the best dog whistle for you and your dog? The answers are not quite as simple as you think.   Let’s start with the first question first. Do You Need a Dog Whistle?

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Small Dogs Rule!

Small dogs rule! Pound for pound, they pack in more personality and performance than their big cousins. If you own one or want one, check out this list of great things about small dogs.   Why Small Dogs Rule Let’s get

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See How Easily You Can Make A Safe DIY Dog Shampoo

We answer the four most common questions dog owners ask about dogs and shampoo! Why shampoo my dog? Can I just use human shampoo or soap on my dog? How often should I shampoo my dog? What should I use to shampoo my dog?

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See How Easy It Is To Choose Your Perfect Puppy Playpen

A puppy playpen is a great help when you are raising your new best friend, but it needs to be the right one. There are some wrong ones, so we make it easy for you. For a little puppy, the world is huge. There’s

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12 Simple Dog Play Pen Facts You Need to Know

A dog play pen, also called a dog exercise pen, is the perfect solution to some very specific problems. Use our 12 Simple Facts to work out if you need one, what type is right for your dog, and how

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things to do with your dog

Who Else Wants To Have Fun With Their Dog?

Are you looking for fun things to do with your dog? We have the list you need, from the everyday to the downright zany. You’re sure to want to try some of these.   1. Walk the Dog There’s no surprise here –

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The Best Apartment Dogs With The Sweetest Temperaments

If you are looking to start living with a new puppy or dog then we have the 31 MUST ANSWER QUESTIONS to prepare you for a new reality. Owning a dog – being a dog parent – can be a

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Do’s And Don’ts of DIY Dog Toys

  Dogs love to play, and what they play with matters. In this article about Toys and DIY Dog Toys, we’ll explain the important Do’s and Don’ts. And we’ll talk about chewing. We’ll also show you how to make something

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Top 10 DIY Dog Projects With Something For Everyone

  Ready to get into some of our Top 10 DIY Dog Projects? Let’s face it, we have hands and tools and other things our dog doesn’t have and we can do things our dogs can’t do for themselves, so

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How A Dog Car Seat Protects All Your Loved Ones

The overriding need for a dog car seat is so everyone makes it to the destination safely. A dog car seat is not just for your dog’s safety.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selecting a Dog Bed

The right DIY Dog Bed could influence your dog to stay in his dog bed through the night.   Your dog’s sleeping patterns can be interrupted for a variety of reasons so you will need to find out why and fix the cause

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Dog Puzzle Games Spicing Up The Life Of A Bored Dog

Some dog puzzle games are simple chew toys with tiny treats, while others can confound your hound. Others are perfect for getting a lazy dog up and about. The right dog puzzle toys are good for your dog. Sometimes they are

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Dog Body Language Made Simple

Watch any two dogs playing and you’ll see dog body language at work. The trouble is, it can be a bit like watching a movie with the sound turned down. You think you know what’s going on, but you’re not completely

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4 Fearsome Features of the Most Dangerous Dogs (And What You Do About Them)

  The most dangerous dogs are fearsome indeed, but what makes them so dangerous? And what do you need to do about it? Clearly you don’t want that adorable puppy to turn into a monster. Understand the factors that make

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How to Stop Your Dog Licking Their Paws

Can’t work out why your dog keeps licking his paws like crazy? Think about it. Why do some people chew their fingernails? We all want our dogs to have nice healthy paws like the one pictured, not ones that have

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