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Dog Carrier. What Do You Think It’s Good For?

By Brad & Denise | June 11, 2017

What Is A Dog Carrier? A Dog Carrier is precisely what it claims to be and that is a ‘carrier’ for a dog.   When Is A Dog Carrier Useful? The use of a dog carrier is becoming increasingly popular

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DIY Dog Shampoo – To Shampoo Or Not To Shampoo?

By Brad & Denise | May 28, 2017

The Four Most Common Questions Dog Owners Ask About DIY Dog Shampoo

Why shampoo my dog?
Can I just use human shampoo or soap on my dog?
How often should I shampoo my dog?
What should I use to shampoo my dog?

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A Dog Bed. Is It Really a Necessity?

By Brad & Denise | May 9, 2017

The right DIY Dog Bed could influence your dog to stay in his dog bed through the night. image source Your dog’s sleeping patterns can be interrupted for a variety of reasons so you will need to find out why and fix the

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What is the Best Thing About Small Dogs?

By Brad & Denise | April 27, 2017

Small dogs rule! Pound for pound, they pack in more personality and performance than their big cousins. If you own one or want one, check out this list of great things about small dogs.   Small Dogs Rule! Let’s get straight

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Puppies For Sale! Find the Most Perfect Puppy for You!

By Brad & Denise | April 15, 2017

Puppies For Sale are easy to sell as they sell themselves by their sheer cuteness, cuddliness, and playfulness. That also means they are easy to buy. And you don’t even need to physically see or touch them for them to

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The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds – Truth and Lies

By Brad & Denise | April 11, 2017

Any measure of the most aggressive dog breeds is misleading. Sure, there are differences between breeds (and we’ll discuss those), but other factors have far greater influence on dog aggression. Do you know the old story of the blind men

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Dog Seat Belt – Necessity Or Accessory?

By Brad & Denise | April 2, 2017

A Dog Seat Belt Is Not A Mere Accessory!   The THREE critical safety benefits for your dog in a moving car are met simply and inexpensively with a dog seat belt. So why do 98% of dog owners ignore the safety of

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How to Stop Your Dog Licking Their Paws

By Brad & Denise | March 28, 2017

Can’t work out why your dog keeps licking his paws like crazy? Think about it. Why do some people chew their fingernails? We all want our dogs to have nice healthy paws like the one pictured, not ones that have

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How to Get The Best Dog Food – Nutrition vs Ingredients

By Brad & Denise | March 22, 2017

Select the best dog food because good health begins with proper nutrition! How do you make the decision of what is the best dog food for your dog? The sheer amount of food choices available leave most dog owners confused

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Crazy Dog? Who Do You Think Is The Most At Fault?

By Brad & Denise | March 16, 2017

So, you have a crazy dog. Are they really crazy, or is something or someone (probably you) making them act crazy? Follow me down the rabbit hole and find out!   Crazy Dog Basics Before we go too deep, what do we mean by ‘crazy’?

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7 of the Best ‘Old School’ Games for Dogs

By Brad & Denise | March 10, 2017

Games for dogs and their owners have been around for a long, long time. Play is normal for dogs, just like running and eating and rolling in anything that can make them smell interesting.   There’s a reason these ‘old

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Dogs and Babies: The One Lesson You Must Never Ignore

By Brad & Denise | March 9, 2017

It Doesn’t Get Much Cuter than Dogs and Babies. Will Your Dog Survive With a New Baby in the House? There’s a lot of excitement associated with bringing your new baby home – for you and the other humans in

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The Perfect Puppy Playpen

By Brad & Denise | March 2, 2017

A puppy playpen is a great help when you are raising your new best friend, but it needs to be the right one. There are some wrong ones, so we make it easy for you. For a little puppy, the world is huge. There’s

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How To Potty Train a Puppy and Make Sure it Sticks

By Brad & Denise | February 22, 2017

Learn how to potty train a puppy the right way so you never get that nasty, smelly surprise when you come home. Most dog owners don’t know there’s a second, important part to the process.   There are Two Parts

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10 Top Tips for the Best Dog Crate Covers

By Brad & Denise | February 13, 2017

Dog Crate Covers. How do you even begin to choose the right one for your dog’s crate when there are so many to pick from? We have narrowed it down to the basics for you to make it easy to

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4 Fearsome Features of the Most Dangerous Dogs (And What You Do About Them)

By Brad & Denise | February 11, 2017

The most dangerous dogs are fearsome indeed, but what makes them so dangerous? And what do you need to do about it? Clearly you don’t want that adorable puppy to turn into a monster. Understand the factors that make a

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Bark Collar: The Bad And the Ugly. No Good.

By Brad & Denise | February 3, 2017

The Bark Collar. Hmmm. If you’re a fan of these dog punishment devices, get ready to disagree. As far as we’re concerned, they are only for those who bully and for people who don’t know any better.   The more

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Best Dogs for Kids? Or Best Kids for Dogs?

By Brad & Denise | January 30, 2017

Most Dogs Are Potentially One of The Best Dogs For Kids   The Number 1 Rule The Number 1 Rule is that it is the responsibility of parents to train the dog to accept that the dog is not the pack

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Dog Puzzle Games – How To Spice Up The Life Of A Bored Dog

By Brad & Denise | January 27, 2017

Some dog puzzle games are simple chew toys with tiny treats, while others can confound your hound. Others are perfect for getting a lazy dog up and about. The right dog puzzle toys are good for your dog. Sometimes they are

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Here’s A Quick Way To Get the Best Crates for Dogs

By Brad & Denise | January 25, 2017

Crates for dogs can be confusing. There seem to be so many available that can serve different purposes and meet different needs – for both the dog and dog owner. We will give you the low-down on dog crates and dog

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